The Master of Coaching was born through the need of helping new coaching graduates and even seasoned operators, hone in on what is really important in daily practice. Whether you are a coach in an S&C facility, leading an elite sporting team, a practicing physiotherapist or chiropractor or even a self lead enthusiast in a garage gym, what has become apparent in the world of human performance is that there is a large gap from books to practical and a real need for guidance on how to put book smarts into real world practice as a coach.

Over the last two decades of my career I have learnt countless lessons about what works, what is relevant, and what is applicable to the client[s] your working with. The Master of Coaching is a daily prompt for thought, study and questioning. 30 years of knowledge, practice, study, failures and triumphs condensed into an easily digestible daily collection of information, that after following for 365 days, will have prepared the reader to be a complete coach, one that has studied and put into practice what they have learnt on a daily basis.

There are many professional development programmes out there. But how many teach the practitioner how to critically think as opposed to regurgitate what they’ve read or been told?
The information we share is concise and digestible for anyone. By including a vast array of topics from various sources including exercise scientists, elite sports coaches and lessons learnt from decades spent in professional practice, we ask questions of the coach, prompt them to critically think of the practical applications and question the validity of what they are reading.

Does this newsletter take the place of a formal education? Absolutely not. What it does do is provide you with daily direction on what to think on, research, and evaluate what you could put into your work place immediately to be a smarter and more well rounded coach.

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